What Business-Investor Visas options are available if I want to move to the US legally?

At American Visa Concierge we are not licensed to give legal advice. Our role is to facilitate you so you can get referred to a licensed Immigration attorney. As far as we understand, however, there are a variety of Business/Investor Visa programs available to come legally to the United States.

  1. E2 Visa requires  a moderate investment typically from $100,000 and up. Applicants seeking to move to the US must purchase a Business or Franchise that meets certain requirements and additionally hire 5 American workers in a specific period of time.
  2. An L1 is another visa program. It enables an individual who owns an operating Business in their home country to buy a similar business in the US and to transfer themselves as CEO or as senior manager to the US entity.
  3. The EB5 is a path to a Green Card. It requires a minimum investment of $1million in the purchase of a Business and the hiring of 10 US workers according to a business plan. In some cases, the investment can be $500,000 if the area you invest in is economically challenged and meets certain economic guidelines defined by the US Government.
  4. Another investment program that leads to a Green Card is called a Regional Center. This investment is $500,000.The program typically works where a large group of foreign investors pool their money, putting $500, 0000 each, into the  development of a large structure, such as a high rise condominium, shopping center,  community or hotel. The money is invested for 5 years and is returned with interest.

Consult an Immigration Attorney to get more specific information and guidance on each visa category described above