Our Services

Denis BurkeThrough the knowledge we provide, and experience we have, you will be well prepared in advance for what to expect when you get to the United States. Therefore, we facilitate your transition getting to the US with the least amount of stress, frustration and heartache often experienced by many people who undertake such a life transforming journey on their own. We offer a variety of different services as follows:


We represent you in the US during the time prior to getting visa approval and for a period of time after your arrival, depending on the package option you choose. That means coordinating mostly everything you need done inside the US including protecting and safeguarding your interests and maintaining your confidentiality.

Professional advice and consultation

We provide you with introductions to credible, reliable and trustworthy contacts, professional service providers and resources in the US who will treat you with the respect and consideration you deserve. Our providers are professionals who specialized in assisting immigrants, who probably may speak with a foreign accent, or have difficulties communicating in English language, or are not familiar with the culture and business environment. Therefore, procedures, customer service and paperwork are designed to ensure that you have a pleasant experience. Such service providers will include:

2.1.        Immigration Attorney
2.2.        Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
2.3.        Tax Attorney
2.4.        Small Business Attorney
2.5.        Certified Financial Advisor
2.6.        Business Consultants
2.7.        Bank Officers

Provide documents for the business you need to buy  to get visa approval:

    1. Financial evaluation, including financial analysis of the Business, Commercial/Investment Real Estate or Franchise.
    2. Written summary report which will include a Business Valuation.
    3. Comprehensive Business Plan for the Business or Property Investment you are buying. It will identifying opportunities and make recommendations on how to improve, grow and expand the business for greater profitability.
    4. Corporation: we will facilitate the setup of the US Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC) you will need to buy a Business, Franchise or Commercial Real Estate in the US. This typically includes the articles of Organization and the Company Operating Agreement. Our service will also include getting the Tax ID Number from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). State application fees are not included.

Turnkey Concierge Services

    1. We will provide you with full turnkey concierge services for up to 6, 9, or 12 months, depending on the package you choose,  or till the date you finally arrive, visa approved, at the local US International airport whichever comes first.
    2. We provide guidance, mentorship, feedback and inspiration to stay the course. Weekly up to 30 min Meeting on Skype Video in addition to emails and text as needed.
    3. We will manage any documentation, scan, email and coordinate any communicate with all relevant parties and professional service providers on your behalf(where we are authorized in writing by you) as it pertains to the Business, Franchise, Investment Real Estate or Home you need to purchase.

Professional Assistance

    1. We assist you in locating a qualified established *Business, Real Estate Investment or Franchise. We will explain to you all the steps in the process from contract to closing including managing the buyer/seller agreement documents. We will organize and coordinate with the Business Attorney to hold purchase money funds in escrow and set the schedule to close the transaction between you, the overseas buyer, and US seller.
    2. We will refer you to a Residential Home Specialist who will represent you in acquiring a home to rent or buy. The Real Estate Agent will research properties based on your criteria, send you information and pictures on properties of interest, arrange viewings once you come to the US, present written offers on homes of interest, negotiate prices, coordinate home inspection, and home appraisal, make offers, write contracts and arrange closing for you.

Traveling to USA

    1. When you are ready to make an initial US visit to meet active Seller(s) whose business, Investment Property, Franchise or Home you plan to buy or rent, we can coordinate your travel inside the US, including ground transportation, restaurant and hotel reservations but payment of these expenses will depend on the package you select.

Post arrival in the USA

  • We will provide you with transitional guidance designed to make your life easier and more streamlined, which will include phone questions and answers, text and email support and a helpful directory of local necessary services and resources.


The Directory will provide many answers to such common questions for example:


  • Where do I go to get my American Driver’s license? What is the process?
  • What paperwork will I need?
  • Where do I go to get my American Social Security Card? What paperwork will I need?
  • Who are the main utility companies in the area, Gas, Water, Electric, Security Alarm, Phone and what do they require to set up service.
  • We can coordinate your travel inside the US, including ground transportation and hotel.


As a summary, we remove the guesswork, simplify your process and pave the way for you so that when you finally get here, your path to success will have been shortened, your learning curve will have been reduced and you will start your new life faster, and become more culturally acclimated in a fraction of the time it would take if you were to do everything on your own.