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  1. What happens when my Visa is approved?
  2. What is it like living in Florida?


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  1. Why is Florida one of the best States in the US to move to?
  2. What types of clothes should I wear?
  3. How expensive are groceries?  Moderate Pricing
  4. How expensive is dining out?

                       -Eating out in Florida and in many other US States is about ½ what it costs to dine out 

                             in England, Ireland and across Europe. Cost of living in Canada and the US are about the same   

                             except for  the US/Canadian dollar currency difference.

                                                     A FEW TOP RESTAURANT CHAINS in FLORIDA/US

                                 Longhorn Steaks>>>>>>>>Well known, Great quality & service -Moderate Pricing         

                                 Ruth Chris>>>>>>>>>>>>> Very Exclusive-Most Expensive

                                 Carabbas  >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Italian Grill-Moderate Price

                                 Red Lobster>>>>>>>>>>>> Seafood Restaurant- Moderate to Higher Pricing

                                 Outback Steak House>>>> An Aussie Steakhouse- Moderate Pricing

                                 Panera>>>>>>>>>>Best known Bakery Cafe, Breakfast, Lunch, Meeting Place/ Hangout (WIFI )

                                 Einstein Brothers>>>>>>>>Best Known Bagel & Coffee Shops

                                 Duncan Donut>>>>>>>>>>Largest, best known Donut & Coffee Shop in America

                                 Sonny’s>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Best known BBQ Joint-Moderate Pricing

                                 Hooters>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Best known theme Sports Bar & Chicken Wings- Moderate Pricing



  1. What is the main grocery chain in Florida?  Publix
  2. What are the main Discount Stores? Walmart, Sam’s Club, Cosco
  3. What are the main Drug Stores?  CVS Drugs and Walgreens
  4. How expensive is health care in Florida?  Do I need Health Insurance?
  5. What should I do if I get sick? That will depend on the nature of your sickness.

               Assuming you don’t have health insurance, then you can go to a private pay “fast care”   

               Clinic for most minor, routine illnesses. They circumvent the delays you may

               experience getting treated at a hospital. Privately owned URGENT CARE CLINICS are

               all over Florida and frequently located inside grocery stores behind the checkout. They

               are a great solution for minor, non-life threatening conditions. However, if you have a

               life-threatening emergency, call 911 and go straight to the local Hospital Emergency   


  1. Where should I buy Home & Auto Insurance? The two best known franchised brands 

                     in America are State Farm and Allstate Insurance. Competition is steep. Shop


  1. Which are some of the largest Banks in America?
  2. Bank of America
  3. Wells Fargo
  4. Chase Bank
  5. First Union
  6. Branch Bank & Trust (BB&T)
  7. Which of these Banks should I use?

                      We can assist you better when that time comes. Pick a bank that best suits your

                      particular financial situation. There are many choices including a wide selection of 

                      smaller, local Community Banks and Credit Unions.

  1. What are the main mobile phone stores?

                                     -Verizon (Over-priced and 2 year contract required)

                                            – AT&T ( Bigger is Not Better, Expensive, Contract required)

                                             -T-Mobile (overpriced, poor service)

                                             – Metro PCS (No Contract required, cheap, lousy Service)

                                              – Boost Mobile (No Contract required, cheap, lousy Service)

                                             – CRICKET (NO CONTRACT, GREAT SERVICE in the US and to 36 other countries around    

                                                the  world for about $65 a month. This is our top recommendation)

  1. What are the top Clothing Stores in Florida-US?


                                    -JC Penny

                                    -Neiman Marcus (upscale mostly located in Shopping Malls)

                                    -Stein Mart


                                   – Dillard’s

                                   – Sears

                                  –  Jos.A.Bank (Upscale Men’s Clothes usually found in the Mall)

                                  -The Men’s Warehouse (Well known for Men’s Suits. Low- Moderate Pricing)


  1.   What are the best known furniture stores in Florida?


                             ROOMS-TO-GO   Medium quality furniture sold by the room at Moderate Pricing

                             PIER One              Casual Furniture                                             Moderate Pricing        

  1. Where do I buy supplies for home repair and improvement?

                      The two largest Home Improvement Stores in America are Home Depot and Lowe’s

                       Go online www. or and locate the one nearest                  

                        you. They are virtually in every town and city across America

  1. If I need a contractor to do work on my house who should I call?

                          Go online to www.AngiesList.comand select an approved contractor. Angie’s List

                           is a respected nationwide resource for rating contractors by category wherever

                          you live in Florida or in the US. The best rule of thumb is to get 3 estimates and

                          make your decision after you have met and received a written estimate from

                          the three contractors you called. Avoid advance payment without a proper

                          written agreement. Get receipt for money’s paid. It is very common in Florida for

                           a contractor to get up to 1/3 down on the total job price so he can get materials   

                           and pay his workers. Another 1/3 when half  finished and the final payment

                            when completely done to your satisfaction

  1. What do I do if I get stopped on the highway in Florida by a police officer and get a

                       traffic ticket?

  1. The officer explains why he gave you a ticket, reads you your rights and responsibilities. He gives you the ticket and tells you where to go to pay it. In Florida, traffic tickets can range from $100 to $300+(not cheap).There is a phone number on the ticket you can call to pay with a credit card within 30 days. You are also required to go to traffic school online, watch some traffic safety videos and take an open book test to avoid getting points on your driver’s licenses. This is an added expense and a real hassle.


However, the officer also gives you the option to go before the judge and plead your case. You get a court date. This is by far the best option because on the day of the court hearing, the court will likely be packed and the judge will just want to get through the large amount of cases he/she has and will cut deals to move on the crowd. Routinely, what happens is you get to plead NO CONTEST, you receive no points (blemish) on your driving record and you DO NOT have to attend traffic school. You will still have to pay the original fine amount and you are free to leave the court.