Mission Statement

Our mission is to consult, inform and facilitate foreign investors from all over the world who want to move to the United States and seek approval for a Business-Investor Visa.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to do the most good for the most people.

Our Company

The Company was created by Immigrants for Immigrants. Denis J. Burke is the President and CEO of American Visa Concierge. Denis is an Irish born immigrant, successful entrepreneur, speaker, author, business consultant and international business intermediary now living in Florida. Our staff predominantly consist of individuals who at some point immigrated from their home country to the US and now represent American Visa Concierge as specialist in a variety of professional areas. The company directors have entrepreneurial backgrounds and college degrees in Finance, Marketing, and Business Administration. Our headquarters are located in Sarasota Florida. We have formed strategic partnerships in many US States, Canada, Central and South America, Europe, India and Asian.

My Immigrant Story

Denis Burke

What the mind of a person can conceive and believe so can they achieve” – Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Denis J Burke was born and raised in the 1960’s and 70’s on a small remote island off the southern coast of Ireland. Back then there was no electricity, running water or indoor plumbing in the island houses. Locals drew water from their wells while oil and gas lamps were the main sources of light.

As a boy, he worked in the family business and on the farm. Years later he got into management in the supermarket industry in Ireland. Ever since he was a kid, it was always his dream to come to America. In the spring of 1986 he was working in a supermarket deli in northern France. On the morning of March 13, 1986 he woke up and decided that was the day he would go to America. He then took a shuttle bus to Brussels Belgium Airport where he bought a one way ticket to New York and boarded Peoples Express flight 007 bound for LaGuardia.

When he first arrived, he came on a tourist visa, but it wasn’t long until his visa ran out and he was an undocumented immigrant. It took six years to get a green card from the day he landed in NY. Over the years in America, he worked hard in different types of sales and for 16 years owned and operated a variety of different door-door and in-home sales companies. Also, at night, he went back to school and earned several degrees, and educational qualifications.

Since he came to the US, he has started, owned and operated, partnered, bought and sold many different businesses. He is a licensed Florida Commercial Real Estate Agent and Business Intermediary who, over the years, has built a large property portfolio, been a property developer and a landlord.

Coming to America has afforded Denis the opportunity to live an independent, successful and prosperous life. He says, “that decision changed my life forever and I’ve never looked back. He believes that you can make it in America like nowhere else in the world and for him, it is now time to give back.

Meet Our Executive Director

Ricardo SanchezRicardo Sanchez, the Executive Director of American Visa Concierge, is a professional in Industrial Engineering with a major in Business Administration and expertise in Strategic Planning, Finances and Marketing. He worked for more than ten years developing marketing strategies, training and managing sales staff, and more than eighteen in executive and managerial areas as entrepreneur. He is also former University Professor of Financial Analysis and Financial Mathematics in one of the three most important universities in Colombia.

Describing himself, he shows that he is passionate with learning and applying new knowledge and experiences every day facing new challenges and opportunities, as well as to share with others. Family, friends and community are important pieces of his world, and support and friendship are part of his clues for success.

Ricardo is a Florida resident. He moved from Colombia at the end of 2004 and established his residency in Sarasota. As part of his new life in America he has worked in different areas as hospitality, services, education and Real Estate. Talking about how he adapted to his professional life in this country, he says: ʺMy past experiences have led me to become expert in many professional areas and to be familiar with different cultures. These are important skills that have demonstrated to be very important tools when working with multicultural customers in America, on top of speaking three languages, Spanish, French and English.

However, it took to me a couple of years to get familiar with the new environment, legislation, regulations, licensing and customs, and it would be important to me to have guide and counseling when planning my new life here, to save time, energy and resources. This is what I love the most in my activities as Executive Director of American Visa Concierge. It gives me the opportunity to share with others my experiences and make possible that dreams become real, building also a network of productive, well prepared and successful entrepreneurs. This is what makes this country powerful and one of the best places for living.ʺ

Why we do it

Our sole purpose is to serve and facilitate overseas investors, to become your eyes and ears, and your feet on the streets in the US while you pursue your mission of becoming a legal US resident. Such facilitation may include, but is not limited to, guiding you on buying a business, buying (leasing) a home, buying a car, furniture, boat, home/business insurance and referrals to a multitude of reliable and credible resource and service providers you may need prior to and after you arrive in the US.

We have been blessed with great fortune and we feel compelled to give back, to contribute and make a difference in the lives of thousands of individuals and families who haven’t yet made that passage but because we’ve already blazed that trail and walked in those shoes their eventual journey and arrival in America, will have been made a lot easier.

The most rewarding feeling is to drive to Sarasota, Tampa, Ft Myers or other local International airports in Florida and to meet and greet new immigrants from a foreign land that have just touched down on US soil. Their enthusiasm, excitement and sense of joy goes beyond words as they arrive in America fully approved to live here legally and to own and operate a business and create a new life.